Saturday, August 20, 2016

Famous Front Gates

Welcome to Hollywood! This is the land of opportunity and where hundreds of movie stars, professional athletes and musicians reside.  Every year, thousands of tourist descend on the sunshine state in search of movie stars and to see their home up close and personal.  Of course, stalking laws prevent anyone from getting too close Julia Roberts' home.  To meet the demand and interests of tourists and obey the laws, I've started my own  company,Famous Front Gates. During the 90-minute tour we take tourists on a guided bus ride through the Hollywood hills and take pictures of the front gates of famous homes.  People seem to enjoy the idea, in fact business is up 150% from this time last year.

Since I've started my business, I pay much more attention to front gates across the area.  You can definitely tell who's had their front gate powder coated and who hasn't. For example, I know a guy who knows a guy, who says Antonio Banderas uses an environmentally friendly powder coating company from Los Angeles.  Banderas' gate is bright red, with incredible intricate detail.  I've driven by that gate for more than 15 years, and that powdered coated paint has never faded- not once.  Talk about a durable and cost effective way to make a front gate shine.  Oh, and don't get me started on Oprah's front gate. It's perhaps one of the humble, yet classy gates I've ever seen.  And you know what? Yep.  She uses a powder coating company as well.  Oprah's front gate is a deep purple hue with a touch of shine.  I need to know who she uses to keep her gate in tip top shape.

Maybe I'm in the wrong business.  I should start my own powder coatings company. The other day during a Famous Front Gate tour, I ran into a guy spraying the front gate of Adam Sandler's home.  Wow.  Sandler is going with a metallic black matte gate with a really neat rose detail.  The powder coatings employee said business is booming because movie stars are demanding a more cost effective and environmentally friendly way of keeping their gates durable for decades.  In the movie business, image is everything.  And having a worn down, faded front gate to a multi-million dollar mansion just isn't an option.  The front gate creates a first impression for a guest.  I've heard some movie starts have lost out on big roles, because they didn't powder coat their front gate in high performance , durable and environmentally friendly color. Can you imagine losing your career over the color or lack of color on your front gate.  I knew the movie business was cut throat, but this just seems over the top.

I digress.  Back to my tours.  So, the other day we're driving tourists by Kobe Bryant's home and he invites us through his beautiful powder coated gates and into his back patio for ice tea.  Wow.  What a nice guy. And let me tell you his patio furniture is off the hook.  He explained how the patio set was a family heirloom and it couldn't bear to part with it, despite the rust and grime.  So, he hired a professional powder coatings company specializing in environmentally friendly application methods and procedures. The color and shine is clearly high performance because those table and chairs stay outside year round and they look brand new! And even though Bryant is a millionaire, he still watches his money very closely.  Bryant said hiring a powder coatings company to restore hie heirloom patio set was cost effective.   While it costs more upfront to pay a professional powder coatings company, Bryant said he now has peace of mind knowing his outdoor furniture will not rust.  And that my friends, is priceless.

While opening up my own powder coatings company may seem like a good idea, I think I'm going to stick  to my Famous Front Gates tours.  My tours are truly one of a kind and there's nothing more rewarding than seeing a fan take their picture by a powder coated front gate belonging to a movie star.  It's incredible, really.  Maybe I should team up with a local powder coating company and we could cross-promote our businesses. That's a great idea.  I think I'm onto something. 

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